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Kangxi Blue and White

Blue and white Chinese export porcelain was one of the most desired commodities from the Orient in the 17th and 18th century. After the initial sales of Ming and Transitional wares in the early 17th century, the European nobility and wealthy craved for additional material. Initially the European merchants had some difficulties with obtaining material of sufficient quantity and quality. However, during the reign of the Chinese emperor Kangxi (1662-1722), they were again capable of supplying quality pieces to their customers. It is during the reign of Kangxi that the porcelain production reaches exceptional quality, and some of the best ever produced blue and white export wares date from this period. It is also during this period, that several new patterns and shapes have been developed. Please click on the thumbnail for additional pictures and information about an item.

Two molded Kangxi teacups and saucers
Kangxi, circa 1700
Small Chinese vase with flowers
Kangxi, circa 1700

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